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Some major companies from various sectors rely on us and are pleased to have invested in the province of Luxembourg. Read more about their experiences!

GALILEO | Facts & Figures


Who? Satellite navigation programme funded by the European Commission

 What? 30 satellites, 10 European centres (including one in Transinne) and 16 control centres located around the world (including one in Redu)

Where? Redu (Control Centre and "in-orbit test centre") and Transinne (Galaxia park: Galileo integrated logistics support centre and specialised companies)

When? Start-up of the services scheduled for 1 January 2017



10 million budget for the construction of the Galileo integrated logistics support centre "Galileo ILS Centre"

90 jobs at Galaxia are connected to Galileo: 30 current jobs at the business centre and 60 future jobs at the integrated logistics support centre (30 direct and 30 indirect jobs)

8,000 m² of surface dedicated to the Galileo Centre

Building constructed specifically for Galileo (operational in 2017) with a net surface of 2,300 m²