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Investing in the province of Luxembourg with IDELUX

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The province of Luxembourg is covered with 230,000 hectares of forest, accounting for 42% of the total forested surface area in Wallonia. It is therefore not surprising that the wood industry is very important. Although the entire industry is represented, the primary timber processing sector is most developed: the three largest sawmills of Belgium are situated in the region.

In order to optimally accommodate the enterprises of this sector, IDELUX has developed the business park of Burtonville (Vielsalm) and the Pôle Ardenne Bois (Gouvy), a 100 hectare bimodal park (rail – road) situated in the heart of the Ardenne-Eifel forest.

Various well-known companies are established in the province of Luxembourg: the Fruytier, IBV and Pauls sawmills, the Buro Ardennes pulp mill, the Spanolux MDF board and laminated parquet plant, Scidus-Groupe Mobic,…

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